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3 strategies to Maximize Business Security with Commercial Security Guarding


Businesses are constantly being exposed to different kinds of security risks, such as crime, theft, assault, employee, or customer disputes, loitering, and vandalism – especially here in South Africa. Business security is one of the most important aspects of any thriving business. It is critical for organizations to protect not only their assets, but also their personnel and customers. Commercial security guarding is an effective approach to achieving this goal; as it provides a real-time physical presence both on-site and off-site.

Here in this article, we will discuss 3 ways to Maximize Business Security with Commercial Security Guarding

1. Creating an Effective Commercial Security Guarding Plan

For commercial security guarding, it is important to have a well-defined security plan in place. First and foremost it is required that you do a risk assessment of the workplace, office or the commercial space to understand the actual and potential risk factors. This will help to develop a strategic security plan. The plan should include security policies and protocols for responding to alarms and other security incidents, as well as procedures for monitoring access and exit points. This will help to ensure that the security guards are able to respond quickly and effectively to any security incidents.

Conducting regular security audits will also help ensure that your business’s security measures are up to date and effective. Conducting regular security audits, helps identify any gaps in your security plan and provide an opportunity to make improvements.

2. Training and Certifications of Personnel

Deploying trained and experienced security guards: When it comes to commercial security guarding, the quality of the security guards is crucial. Make sure to choose a reputable security guarding company that employs trained and experienced security guards who can detect, deter, and respond to security threats effectively. It is important to make sure that they are properly trained and certified.

It also vital to ensure that the security guards are well trained in a range of topics involving the company culture. This could include topics such as customer service, de-escalation techniques, and emergency response. In addition to training, security guards should also have the proper trainings certifications, this can include trainings in first aid and CPR to handle medical related emergencies, as well as major certifications in the use of firearms and other security equipment. This will help ensure that they are able to provide the highest level of service and that they are up to date on the latest security protocols.

Conduct regular security training for employees: Employees play a crucial role in ensuring business security. Conducting regular security training for employees can help them recognize security threats and respond appropriately.

3. Commercial Security Guarding Equipment

When it comes to security guard equipment, there are a few key pieces that should be considered. The most important piece of equipment is a radio or communication device, which will allow security guards to stay in contact with each other and with the control room.

Other pieces of equipment to consider include surveillance cameras, access control systems, and panic buttons. Surveillance cameras can be used to monitor the premises and deter criminal activity. Access control systems can help to manage access and exit points and ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed on the premises.

Finally, panic buttons can be used to alert security guards in the event of an emergency. The management or supervisors in a company should know how to use and know where the panic buttons are situated such that in an event that employees and customers are under threat of intruders they will be able to alert authorities or security guards timeously to avoid harm or injury in the premises.


In conclusion, maximizing business security with commercial security guarding requires a comprehensive approach that includes identifying potential risks, deploying trained and experienced security guards, implementing access control measures, installing security systems, conducting regular security training for employees, conducting regular security audits, and maintaining open communication with your security guarding company. By following the 3 strategies, businesses in South Africa can enhance their security and protection of their assets, employees, and customers. Contact R Protections today to learn more about how commercial security guarding can benefit your business.

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