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Why get SASSETA Training

We offer students and employers a variety of options available for study purposes like full-time studies, part -time studies, distance learning, e-learning, assessment services and RPL-options in various occupationally directed learning fields.

The main objective of SASSETA is to facilitate education, training, skills development and qualifications specifically to the wide range of safety and security providers and services in South Africa. Our Training is focused on occupational development and when completed, will constitute competencies in full qualifications, part-qualifications, skills programmes, short courses and Industry Statutory Standards Related Training programmes.

We are accredited by Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA).


Skills Programme 1: Patrol Security Officer

Skills Programme 4: Security Supervisor

Skills Programme 2: Access Control Officer

Skills Programme 5: Junior Manager

Skills Programme 3: Asset and Reaction Officer

Skills Programme 6: Event Security

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