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Security Installation Experts

At R Protections, we provide comprehensive security installation solutions, utilising top-of-the-line security systems suitable for residential or commercial properties.

Our security installation solutions can include: Alarm systems, perimeter beams, CCTV cameras, intercoms, electric fencing and so much more.

We understand the importance of wanting to protect your property from inside or outside threats. This is why our team of experts can assist with the design, supply and installation of security solutions that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Our Installation and Technical Services

Contact us today for a complete security system solution, for your home or commercial building

Hardwired & Wireless Alarms

Our alarms can be controlled and operated via the traditional keypad, hand-held remote button or through an app on your smartphone.

Perimeter Beams

All our indoor and outdoor perimeter beams are mounted discreetly on the walls and can detect movement up to 12 meters away, within a 90 to 180° range.

IP & Analogue CCTV Cameras

We have a wide variety of security cameras starting from thermal body temperature / fever scanning, number plate recognition and covert indoor cameras.

Intercoms Systems

Our video intercoms seamlessly integrates with our CCTV units to give you the ability to record, communicate and verify your visitor or delivery before allowing them access.

Electric Fencing

Our electric fence systems can be controlled via traditional keypad to hand-held remote and can be linked to your preferred Armed Response service company.

Offsite Monitoring

Our monitoring systems utilises intelligent HD cameras that can easily identify human, vehicle, or other moving objects to pro-actively detect, view and deter criminals.

Access Control

Our access control systems provide you with the ability to restrict and monitor entry to a site anywhere on your property.

Boom Gates

Our boom gates are ideal for regulating traffic, managing access control and imposing high security restrictions on any road, keeping you safe.

Gate & Garage Automation

Our quality gate and garage motors are fast, robust, reliable and come standard with battery back-up options in case of power outages.

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