7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Security Guard at Your Store


Regardless of the size, type, or location of your business, you will be vulnerable to some level of security concerns. Hiring professional security services can help you secure your retail store or business premises, as well as keep all staff and patrons safe. Businesses are constantly being exposed to different kinds of security risks, such as crime, theft, assault, employee, or customer disputes, loitering and vandalism – especially here in South Africa.

These kinds of security concerns are not only about losing money or time, but it’s also about losing potential customers and valued employees because they feel unsafe at your business. Hiring a professional security guard at your store can be one of the best ways to mitigate security risks in all forms; but that is not all they do.

They do more than protect your property and look out for criminal activity, they serve as a welcoming, calming, and comforting presence for those who frequent your business. Choosing the right professional for the job will mean more time and resources to dedicate to other parts of your business, while guaranteeing the security of your store.

Here are 7 reasons you would benefit from hiring a dedicated security professional to protect your store or business:

  1. Crime Prevention and Deterrence
    Professional security guards help protect your facility against common crimes, such as vandalism, shoplifting, break-ins, and assault. Their training, vigilance, and presence act as a deterrent against these criminals and help them detect suspicious activity as it is occurring to prevent any damage or loss. Having armed security personnel at your business premises will alert local criminals to never target your workplace.
  2. Effectively Dealing with Various Security Concerns
    Professional security services act as the first line of defence against any opportunistic criminals. You cannot hope for a police officer to be driving past your store or employees noticing something suspicious, every time there are wrongdoers afoot. These men and women are trained, knowledgeable and skilled in effectively handling various security threats as they happen. They can also be an invaluable asset for the investigations following any criminal activity.
  3. Providing a Sense of Safety and Security
    As we have established, the mere presence of a well-trained and well-equipped security guard will provide a broader sense of safety and security for all of your business’s employees and patrons. Employees will perform better in a working environment that they feel safe and comfortable in. Overall, it can improve employee retention, morale, and productivity, as well as make your store more desirable and inviting to potential customers.
  4. Helping with Customer Services
    Security guards aren’t just there to protect your place of business. They are the first interaction that a client or customer has with your store or office. They can become a warm welcome for your valued patrons and staff. They can assist in collecting sign-in information, performing security checks, helping customers find products, escort customers to their vehicles, manage the business premises when closed or any number of other useful customer services.
  5. Monitoring and Surveillance of Your Property
    In addition to acting as the front-facing security presence and welcoming face of your store or office, security guards can serve as a larger monitoring and surveillance force on your business premises. They can patrol the property, monitor digital security systems, keep the premises under video surveillance, operate control rooms and conduct other security checks. This gives them the tools and access they need to notice potential security threats and prevent the offenders from ever committing their crimes.
  6. Maintaining the Peace and Order of Your Workplace
    Professional security personnel, often, play the most important role in maintaining a peaceful and orderly workplace. They are not only preventing criminal activity, but smaller employee disputes, conduct violations or petty theft within office and retail spaces, too. As members of staff who have demanded respect through their own conduct and professionalism, they can be a calming influence throughout the business and uphold its rules and regulations. This also extends to preventing other unrest, like riots, strikes, customer or employee conflicts, and physical assaults.
  7. Ensuring a Quick Response to Every Security Issue
    In South Africa, it is not uncommon to wait 20 or 30 minutes for a police officer to be dispatched and arrive at an active crime scene. A security guard, on the other hand, ensure a quick response to any criminal activity in or around your business premises. Without police officers present, they can control the situation and prevent ongoing criminal activity. Security personnel are trained to prevent any physical harm or property damage from occurring and assisting the police in bringing perpetrators to justice.

These men and women are worth their weight in gold and will become an invaluable asset to you and your business. Professional security guards help you keep your employees, clients, and customers safe, while keeping your store or office secure. Forget your security concerns, so you can focus on other parts of running your business.

We understand how valuable it is to have trustworthy and capable security guards on a commercial property. For experienced and well-trained security personnel that can reliably protect your business, contact  R Protections and get a quotation for our industry-leading security services today!

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