How Hiring Security Personnel Helps You Secure and Protect Your Store


Running your own business can be a fruitful and empowering experience for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. However, it can also become fairly taxing on your mind and body over time, as well as on your finances. There is so much to do and so much to consider when running a business.

Business owners have multiple plates spinning at the same time, from employee and customer interests to daily operations and store management. Amongst all of these responsibilities, security can be pushed to the back of an owner’s minds. Retailers have additional concerns relating to safety and security of their storefront and products.

Security needs to be a priority in the day-to-day operations of any retail store. Hiring security personnel will help to keep your customers and employees safe – and your store secure. Just the presence of security personnel has proven to reduce the risk of theft, assault or other criminal activity occurring on the premises.

Hiring professional, capable, and helpful security personnel will provide business owners, staff and customers with peace of mind. These authorities are trained to deescalate violent scenarios, assist in emergency situations, and provide additional customer service. Security staff become the friendly face that customers first see when entering your shop and the last face that opportunistic criminals want to see when scheming.

The Responsibilities of Security Personnel in a Retail Store

It is important to have someone on high alert and ready to act at all times. You never know when your business, staff or customers will be under threat and an effective security guard will be primed and ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

There are a variety of roles and responsibilities that security personnel can undertake to ensure the safety and security of your store. Depending on the security services you require, security guards can be trained to handle any emergency situations, security threats and customer service needs.

These men and women have CPR, fire hazard, combat, and weapons training, as well as many other useful skills and training. Security personnel are responsible for observing and reporting any dangerous, violent, criminal, or suspicious activities. Ensuring that thieves and troublemakers are apprehended before any physical or financial damage is done.

What to Consider When Hiring Security Personnel

Getting the right security services to meet your business’s needs will be critical. Depending on what the store’s type, size and operating hours are, your security needs will change. All security personnel should be consummate professionals who utilise their training, skills, and expertise to keep everyone on the premises safe.

Interpersonal skills are another priority because you want your guards to be intimidating to criminals, but always welcoming and approachable to your customers when shopping in your store. Security guards are there to reduce the risk of theft and other criminality, as well as preventing other types of casualties or harm.

Security guards should come with the requisite training and provable credentials expected of them. Background checks are important for determining the quality and confirming the credentials of your future staff. Are they well-educated? Are they trained in first aid, customer service or combat? Do they have a police or military background? Consider these requisites, your needs, and your budget before hiring any security personnel or services.

How Security Personnel Can Benefit Your Business

The most important benefit of hiring security personnel will be the comfort and safety that all staff and customers feel when they are in your store. Their security expertise and personable demeanour lets shoppers know that they are protected while visiting your business. Security personnel can also help to improve your customer service, more generally.

Security guards can welcome and greet customers into your store or help answer any questions a potential customer may have before entering the shop. Depending on your needs, you can have multiple security personnel working on a rotational basis to ensure 24-hour protection. Electronics, jewellery, and other high-value stores can rest assured with around-the-clock security services.

These men and women are often trained to handle a variety of potential emergencies. Security personnel can help you handle fire hazards, certain medical issues and accidents that might occur. Having well-trained and highly capable security personnel deployed onsite will help prevent the likelihood of criminality, improve the overall security and functionality of your store, and ensure all patrons are kept safe.

Being Proactive About Crime Prevention

Unfortunately, crime rates are skyrocketing during the pandemic. Beyond taking temperatures, applying sanitisers, and ensuring all customers wear masks and social distance; security personnel services have shown their value during this time. First responders have been overwhelmed and any support to their critical work helps relieve the burden of the pandemic.

The reality’s that all business owners live with the concern of theft, assault and other crimes occurring in their store. In a pandemic or otherwise, criminal activity will always be a threat to storefronts, but securing high-end security services will help alleviate the fears of theft and violence that all South Africans will know far too well.

Not all security services and personnel are the same. You need to be careful when deciding who to entrust with your safety and which services you believe are trustworthy and reliable. Find reputable companies that have experience with storefront security and a pool of credentialed and skilled security personnel that you can entrust with you, your staff and your customers’ safety.

If you are looking for capable, experienced, and qualified security personnel to protect your commercial property, get a quotation on R Protections’ industry-leading security services today.

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