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Specialised Mine Guarding Services

At R Protections, we have extensive experience in the mining sector and understand the risks and threats that South African mines are facing today.

This is why we are able to provide comprehensive, custom mining security services suited to our clients’ requirements within the various mining sectors.

Our guards will assist with patrols, access control management, and provide risk assessments for possible threats and vulnerabilities with solutions on how to address them. All our guards go through extensive criminal record background checks and are PSIRA accredited.

Mining Guarding Services Includes

Our mining sector guarding services is suitable for gold, platinum and base metal mining.

Armed Security Guards

Risk Assessments

Unarmed Security Guards

24 Hour Monitoring

Access Control Management

Search and Seizure

Combine our qualified and well-training guards with our top-of-the-line technical security systems to help safeguard your mining operation against theft.

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