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Affordable Residential Guarding Services

At R Protections, we offer a full, comprehensive risk analysis that identifies the highest areas of risk and helps compile a considered risk-analysis report for our client and their home.

Our guards will patrol your property regularly to prevent and detect signs of a break-in and to ensure the doors, windows and gates are secure.

Safety and security is important anywhere, but especially at home, this is why we provide comprehensive, affordable and reliable residential security guard solutions.

Residential Guarding Services Includes

Our residential sector guarding services is suitable for stand-alone homes, clusters, apartments, condos and more.

Armed Security Guards

Securing property entrances and exits

Responding to suspicious activity

Unarmed Security Guards

Maintaining visitor and vendor logs

Partnering with law enforcement

Foot and Road Patrols

Enforcing property and resident rules and regulations

Daily Reporting

Combine our qualified and well-training guards with our top-of-the-line technical security systems to help safeguard your residential property against theft.

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