PSIRA Grade A Security Training


Grade A PSIRA security training is to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills required to perform security management functions at an advanced level. This training is designed for individuals who are responsible for managing and supervising security personnel and ensuring the safety and security of people, assets, and property.

The Grade A PSIRA security training covers a range of topics,

  • including risk management,
  • emergency planning and response,
  • communication and leadership,
  • legal aspects of security management,
  • ethical considerations

Participants will learn how to develop and implement security policies and procedures, manage security operations, conduct security risk assessments, and effectively communicate with clients, stakeholders, and employees.



PSIRA Grade A Security course Trains Officers on how to manage the sites and equips them  also  with skills on how to gather evidence when accidents and incidents on site under their management, The course  also emphasizes the importance of interaction on site and the benefit of it when is implemented professionally.

The facilitation and evaluation of these courses are outcome based according to PSIRA requirements.

The Grade A Security Training duration of the course is Five days.

MO-01 Basic principles of investigation
MO-02 Planned inspections
MO-03 Role in emergency
MO-04 Statements
MO-05 Communications
MO-06 Orders and instructions
MO-07 On-Job training
MO-08 Supervision
MO-09 Group relations
MO-10 Hanlding of parades
Course Duration Price
GRADE A 5 Days R 1,300
PSIRA Grade A Security Training
PSIRA Grade A Security Training
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