PSIRA Grade B Security Training


Grade B PSIRA security training is to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills required to perform security functions at a supervisory level. This training is designed for individuals who are responsible for supervising security personnel and ensuring the safety and security of people, assets, and property.

The Grade B PSIRA security training covers a range of topics, including

  • security risk assessments,
  • access control,
  • patrol procedures,
  • communication,
  • emergency response

Participants will learn how to supervise and coordinate security operations, manage security incidents, conduct investigations, and provide effective customer service.



PSIRA Grade B Security Training improves Security officer’s skills and gets them to an advanced level of being a Supervisor. The PSIRA Grade B Security Training course Equips  Officers  with the knowledge of Supervising other security guards and also gets them to learn how to  conduct On Job Training, Handling of Parades and  Hosting and lowering of Flags.

Upon completion of the PSIRA Grade B Security Training course that lasts five day, the security officer is expected to be competent to the level that they can address all challenges &responsibilities contained within the modules of this PSIRA Grade B.

Duration of the course is Five days.

MO-01 Physical and security technology
MO-02 Action at a scene of an incident
MO-03 Questioning of witnesses
MO-04 Principles of giving evidence
MO-05 Court and court procedure
MO-06 Human behavior
MO-07 Motivation and gaining co-operation
MO-08 Report writing
MO-09 Security registers
MO-10 Interaction
Course Duration Price
GRADE B 5 Days R 1,200.00
PSIRA Grade B Security Training
PSIRA Grade B Security Training
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