The 3 Key Benefits of Installing a Security System on your Business Premises


There are many avoidable costs to a business that can be avoided with the necessary preparations and informed decision-making. Overstocking, supply chain inefficiencies and theft are just some of the ways that a business can lose money, unnecessarily. Every year, storefronts are losing large amounts of money, resources and time to the indignity of burglary.

The risk of crimes like employees theft, shoplifting and armed robbery can be, greatly, mitigated by installing a high-quality, commercial security systems on your business premises. These security systems are designed to keep your business safe and might include: security cameras, intruder alarms systems and access control systems.

The reality is prevention and deterrence are the best protection for your commercial property. There are wide-ranging benefits to installing an on-premises security system that help to keep your employees, customers and business interests as safe as possible. There are three main advantages for companies considering this decision:

Prevent Burglaries Before They Happen

All South African business owners will be aware of the scourge of burglary, petty crime and employee theft. It’s common for burglaries and other criminality to occur during the night or weekend hours, as businesses are often closed or quiet at these times, with minimal staff on duty. Most of the storefront crimes in South Africa are committed by ‘impulsive’ or ‘opportunistic’ thieves who take advantage of an exposed situation.

It’s important for businesses to know that most of these crimes can be prevented through advanced security systems, which research has shown can deter over half of all these types of criminality. Store owners should invest in a customised security system that suits their needs.  Security solutions, like video surveillance and alarms systems can help prevent crimes before they happen.

Protect your Employees and Customers

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety and security of all persons inside your property. By investing in an effective and reliable security systems, you can help protect all of your employees and customers from potential criminality. Knowing that there’s sufficient security coverage on a business premises, will create a safer environment for all those who frequent your business premises.

Surveillance solutions can help to enforce existing policies and collect important data or evidence of any crimes that may occur on your property. Having cameras placed in parking lots, over entrances and exits, at checkouts and in other high traffic areas, can help to mitigate the risk of theft, reduce staff harassment and prevent unwanted persons from entering the premises. Our security systems can keep your employees and customers safe, while also ensuring physical assets are protected.

Save Money by Reducing Insurance Costs and Overall Risk

There are several ways that installing a high-end security system can help business owners become more cost-effective. When you install an alarm system or video surveillance solution, you are reducing the overall risk associated with running your business. By lowering your overall risk, you are reducing your business’s costs and the potential risk to an insurance company that covers your commercial property.

Insurance companies will, commonly, offer discounts and savings to businesses that have good security system’s setups. This is in addition to the, aforementioned, saving of money and assets by preventing theft in the first place. Contact your insurance provider to ask for quotations regarding rate and coverage changes as a result of improving site security.

3 Key Benefits of a Security System for your Business

Prevention, protection and cost-saving. These are the most important advantages for a commercial property owner of any kind. If you have staff, customers, visitors, loiterers or people that you want to protect in – or prevent from entering – your store; you should consider installing a purpose-built, commercial security systems on your business premises. To ensure the safety and security of your employees, customers and physical assets, as well as an owner’s peace of mind.

If you’re looking for confidence and reliability in the safety and security of your commercial property, installing a cutting-edge security system could transform the way you do business. Keep your employees and customers protected with one of R Protection’s customised security solutions.

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