What Are the Benefits of Upgrading Your Business’ Security System?


Being the owner of a business is no simple task. From daily operations and management to meeting shareholder and customer interests, there are a variety of important things that’ll occupy an executive or manager’s mind. The responsibility of keeping your company and your employees safe is a priority for any business owner and will occupy much of that mental space.

However, this doesn’t have to be a difficult or frustrating process for you. With advanced security systems for your business, you’ll be able to ensure your business premises’ security and streamline most of your safety procedures. These modern security systems will help owners monitor their companies effectively and minimise the impact of criminality on their business.

Here are five benefits of upgrading your business’s security system:

Intelligent camera integration

A smart video monitoring system is one of the most impactful investments that a business owner can make for their company. Security camera systems are one the best crime deterrents out there and they can also help protect your company against frivolous lawsuits. Even insurance companies acknowledge the safety benefits of a video surveillance system, and will commonly provide reductions in insurance premium costs.

Integrating your video surveillance system with smart features is a game-changer. Business owners will be able to integrate a smart alarm and allow for phone accessibly through a mobile app. You can set your security system up to alert different security personnel and automatically identify suspicious activity before it occurs.

Remote control of your security system

The days of entering codes, pushing panic buttons or isolating features manually are long gone. With smart security systems, you can manage all of your security features from the comfort of a central hub or connected smartphone app. This allows owners and managers to control their security from anywhere and at any time.

Your control over the security system will no longer be determined by your proximity to the business premises. Opening and closing times are less impactful on your ability to secure your shop or office. When entering or leaving the office, you can simply use your phone to activate alarms and other security features. Not to mention, you’ll continue to have the same access control when nobody is on the premises or you are on a work trip.

Your security system is always working

Traditional alarm systems were limited to intruder detection while the system is armed. Smart security solutions allow your alarm system to intelligently work throughout the day. You can monitor multiple office areas or business locations from the convenience of an IoT device. Even when your sensors aren’t activated, these intelligent security systems will continue to monitor movement around the premises and alert you of potential, suspicious activity. This can be done through silent alarms, designated notifications or other smart security features.

Better access control

One of the biggest benefits of a modern, smart security and monitoring solution is that the owner has better access control. From keyless entry codes to detailed business access records and remote video surveillance, these systems are built to prioritise convenient access control. Keyless entry makes opening and closing your business less dependent on managers and codes can be changed frequently to ensure continued security.

Your doors can be set to automatically lock or alert owners when someone is entering or exiting the premises, as well as the option to activate alarm systems, remotely. Smart access control gives owners the opportunity to manage their security systems from afar, while improving employee safety.

Smart lights

Motion-sensitive lights have been a common business security feature for several decades now. Smart lights are another feature that has been made possible by remote access control. Owners can programme their lights to work on their business schedule and reduce usage of unused or unnecessary lighting. Beyond programming, you can setup your lights to work over the same mobile apps that help you manage your security system with. Lights can be turned on or off remotely and motion-sensor light systems can be activated at any time.

The benefits of upgrading your business’s security system

These are just some of the benefits that you can expect when installing a smart security system. Upgrading your business’s security system can transform the way owners and managers run their businesses by integrating better video surveillance, automating security processes, real-time monitoring and improved remote access control.

Installing a smart business security solution could transform the way you do business, while keeping your employees, customers and premises safe and secure. If you’re looking for an effective and reliable security system for your commercial property, consider one of R Protections’ customised security solutions.

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