What you need to know about security on commercial properties


Keeping your commercial property safe and secure requires more than simply having a security guard in the lobby or at the front gate. Each storefront, business and commercial property will have unique safety requirements and complex security needs. The smartest thing your business can do to meet these is to trust the professionals.

Whether your property is a small commercial space, an entire floor or whole office building, there are professional security companies who are equipped and trained to meet your specific security requirements. Investing in reliable and capable security personnel will help create a workspace that is inviting to employees, customers and guests.

Here are 4 reasons to hire professional security services:

Get a comprehensive security plan that meets your commercial property’s needs

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all security solution for any commercial property. Fortunately, the best-rated security companies will take the time to assess your business’s specific safety and security needs. They will offer a solution that is tailored to meet your requirements, fit within your daily operations and suit your company’s budget.

After meeting with you, hearing your security concerns and completing a site inspection, your security guards will become part of the team and follow a strict set of protocols designed for that property. Security companies will work with you to develop the perfect plan and continue to work with you to ensure that the plan is successfully implemented.

They hire and train the best at what they do

Top professional security companies will have rigorous hiring procedures and even more rigorous training processes. This means that they only employ the best candidates and train them to be capable, professional and considerate members of your business. Once hired by the company, security staff will undergo training on a range of relevant topics.

Whether it is preventing retail loss or theft and perimeter management to firearms, their capabilities are in different league. These men and women are equipped and trained to implement your company’s security plan. From frontline security guards to offsite teams managing your building’s security, these security professionals consider each and every aspect of your security and are the best at what they do.

You can count on them

The best security guards and security professionals are about more than equipment and training. What separates the very best security companies is the reliability, trustworthiness and consistency of the services they offer. Choosing the right security company for your commercial property is a critical business decision.

You need to choose security services that will act when it matters, notice suspicious behaviour, care about the business and always be there for your employees. Security guards are capable of avoiding, deescalating or handling a variety of security threats that ensure all of your staff, clients and visitors feel safer for them being there.

They represent your company or brand

Security guards are usually the first point of contact that a customer or visitor will have with your business. These men and women are there to welcome people into your establishment and help them with any queries they may have. This is why it is critical that you hire security personnel who are professional and act with the business’s interests in mind.

Customer services will make up a large portion of the planning that goes into your customised security solution. Your stationed security officer will be specially trained and understanding of what your business does, who the employees they protect are and what visitors will need from them. After all, a great first impression and a safe, comfortable and professional environment are invaluable for a commercial property.

If you are looking for capable, experienced and qualified security personnel to protect your commercial property, get a quotation on R Protections’ professional and industry-leading security services today.

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