Why Security Guards Are Essential When Organising Big Events


If you have ever hosted a big event, you will know that managing a large crowd is difficult at the best of times. Whether you are organising an academic conference, artistic convention or a multi-day music festival, it is critical to have the right security measures in place to keep your attendees, staff and VIPs safe.

When planning any large event, you have to consider a variety of operational requirements that will determine how successful that event ends up being. One of the key responsibilities of an event organiser is to ensure that everyone participating in the event will have their safety and security prioritised.

Professional security guards are experienced and capable  of identifying possible security risks through comprehensive risk assessments, which include VIP protection, crowd control and security breach prevention. Highly trained security guards are prepared for any emergency situation that may arise and will ensure that the people attending your event are safe and secure.

Here are 5 reasons why security guards are important during big events:

  1. Security guards are trained to manage big crowds
    Security guards are trained and experienced in getting large numbers of people to enter, attend and exit big events safely. They will have every aspect of the event’s security covered with AI-supported cameras, access control and crowd control officers whom will respond quickly to any possible threats or emergency situations that arise. Security guards can manage and control the crowd, as well as escorting them to the exits or a safe area when needed. It is common at events like concerts and festivals to have crowds drinking and becoming rowdy. A drunk crowd poses various health concerns and security risks that need to be monitored and prevented. Security guards will identify any dangerous or unsafe behaviour and remove the culprit from the vicinity, as well as controlling the remaining crowd and avoiding further trouble.
  1. Vetting attendees and preventing gate crashers
    Security guards are a critical component of vetting those who attend your events. Whether you have a ticket system, barcode entry or guest list, security personnel will make sure that the right people are entering your event. However, gate crashing remains a possibility when hosting large corporate, cultural or academic events for the public. Professional security services will enforce your event’s entrance requirements as well as adding their own supplementary measures and using their experience to identify potential risks before they happen. There is no exact number of security guards or types of service all events will need. Each event is unique and should be organised with the help of experienced security professionals.
  1. They protect event VIPs and performers
    You will usually have some high-profile guests, VIPs or performing talent attending your event. These attendees can be offered armed or unarmed personal security or a protection detail, separate entrances or exits and private areas to ensure their safety inside the event. There is nothing more devastating to an event company’s reputation than performers, special guests or attendees being put at risk or feeling unsafe.
  1. Closely monitoring the event
    At most events, hiring several security guards and designing event-specific security measures will be enough to keep all participants safe. However, there are additional options provided by security companies to help you ensure event security. One of these options are AI-supported mobile CCTV feeds that help remote observers closely monitor the event and provide important information directly to your event’s security personnel. The combination of human power, communication technology and smart cameras allow security companies to monitor every aspect of a big event in real time. This enables the security guards for your event to root out any unusual or dangerous activity in the crowds and respond quickly and effectively to any health or safety concerns. In addition, this video evidence can be used against any criminals or perpetrators endangering your event.
  1. Security guards respond to emergency situations
    If you are hosting a big event, there are various emergency situations that could occur at the venue. Beyond stampedes, fighting and drunken disturbances, there are many health and security emergencies that need to be considered. Security personnel are trained to stay calm and handle emergency situations when they arise, which might include: fires, bomb threats, gun threats, medical emergencies and sudden accidents. There is no question that planning big events is a difficult job and organising the licenses, performers, food and beverages, entrance systems and security can be a lot to manage. Hiring a professional security company to manage the safety and security needs of your event will take a huge load off of your shoulders. They are well-trained, experienced, capable and ready to assist whenever and wherever you need them.

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