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Why get PSIRA Training

We are accredited by Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA ).

The primary objective of PSIRA is to regulate the private security industry and to exercise effective control over the practice of the occupation of security service provider in the public and national interest and in the interest of the private security industry itself.

Our state-of-the-art training ensures that would be Officers are introduced to the Private Security Industry and seamlessly equipped with all the necessary skills ranging from how to conduct Access Control, protect Classified information, conduct effective Patrols, write detailed reports, advance to the level of Supervision and eventually Management.

Our PSIRA courses are reasonably priced and are very flexible as they offer both in class and self-study options that enables you to study at your own pace.

PSIRA Courses E to A and Extra Courses

Grade E (Patrol Officer)

Duration: 5 Days

This training course is professionally introduce new training officers in the Private Security Industry. The course also advises what is expected of the new training officers with regards to upholding the law.

Grade D (Access Control)

Duration: 5 Days

This training course is set to train security officers on how to conduct Access Control at the egress point. The course also covers the 3 “D” principles of physical security works in conjunction with security officers.

Grade C (Protection Of Information Officer)

Duration: 5 Days

This training course ensures that security officers with a Grade C certification are able to protect classified information to civilians. The course also advises how to conduct themselves in emergency situations, assess risk and how to handle it professionally.

Grade B (Supervision)

Duration: 5 Days

This training course is designed to improve the level of supervision to advanced. The course also equips security officers with the knowledge of supervision and how to contact on-job training.

Grade A (Management)

Duration: 5 Days

This training course teaches security officers how to manage a site and how to gather evidence and information during incidents on-site. The course also expresses the importance of interaction on-site and the benefit of it, when implemented professionally.

Retail Security

Duration: 5 Days

This training course educates security officers on the complete workings of the retail environment in conjunction with the law. The course also covers the importance of good public relations within the business environment.

Response Security

Duration: 5 Days

This training course teaches response officers on how to assess risk and how to respond to crime safely and professionally. The course also covers the legal requirements with regard to their daily duties.

National Certificate in General Security

Duration: 5 Days

This training course is an entry-level qualifications recognises the key competencies required for security personnel. This certification will be for individuals wanting to enter the security industry and develop competencies in standard security practices such as access and egress control, security response and patrols, asset protection and visible security operations.

We adhere to three following principles
  • Training to be results-driven for students and employers
  • Training to be cost-effective and a return on investment
  • Making training fun

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